These are a sampling of responses from our film screenings:

Living UndocumetedEducators:

  • The film is very powerful and the Dreamers are just incredible, insightful, bright and so articulate! Each story is so compelling.
  • This is invaluable; thank you for your powerful and fierce work. We are looking forward to learning from it!
  • This film delivers so much in such a short time – loads of information, emotional connections, and plenty of humor about this important topic that many of us read about only in the abstract.  The candor, insights, and courage of these remarkable young people are truly an inspiration.

High School Students:

  • I learned that there is always hope for undocumented immigrants.
  • I learned that through “coming out” people have become more empowered.
  • You never really know who is an immigrant and who is a citizen just by looking at them.
  • Living UndocumentYo pensaba que si una persona es indocumentada no puede estudiar en los Estados Unidos, pero gracias al video aprendí que es todo lo contrario.
  • Illegal and undocumented have very different meanings and impact because illegal is not right.  
  • Even though you aren’t part of something, you should never look back, just keep moving forward, and never give up because one day you’ll be part of it.

 Elementary School Students:

  • I learned that 11 million people are undocumented.  If undocumented immigrants have to suffer this much (11 million people suffering) then somebody has to do something about it.
  • It is really hard to be undocumented and you don’t have the same privileges that others have.  
  • I learned that you can go to college except it is much harder because you can not get money from the government, you must pay.
  • One thing I learned is that surviving is not illegal.